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On April 19, 2006, NanC Hensley began the biggest adventure of her life.  During lunch at the Vinoy Renaissance in St. Petersburg with her mother Martha Baker and her sister, Judith Haimes, NanC received a call from her doctor confirming the lab report that the lump in her breast was cancer.  It would be after her first of two surgeries at Morton Plant Hospital in June that they would discover NanC had Stage III, metastatic breast cancer.

There was nothing this tight-knit trio couldn’t face together.  So in true form, with Mom cheering them on, NanC and Judith decided to write a book.  It was a cathartic distraction that eventually would become a real success.   During NanC’s chemotherapy sessions, she and her sister began creating their book, The Hand of Karma.  With Judith sitting bedside as NanC received her treatments, these two sisters and best friends journeyed through the ordeal of cancer together and created a serial killer by proxy thriller.

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Judith Haimes worked with law enforcement as a consultant. She is a member of the National Society of Arts and Letters, and the national writer's organization--Sisters in Crime. She was a syndicated columnist and is the subject of the book, Judith. She resides in Clearwater, Florida with her husband.

NanC Hensley is a member of Sisters in Crime--a national writer's organization, worked as a consultant with law enforcement, and has been a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1992. She has published numerous articles on the topic of metaphysics and currently lives in Pinellas County, Florida.

"Be Ready for Thrills and Chills - My advice--give yourself a good block of time in which to begin reading The Hand of Karma, because the many plot twists and the chilling views into the killer's mind and thoughts make the novel hard to put down."
                                 E. Rose Sabin, Author

"THE HAND OF KARMA may easily be a frontrunner for Best First Mystery Novel of the Year. Author Haimes Hensley grabs you from the start with an electrifying thriller, one the reader will not be able to put down once started."
                                 Katherine Fair Donnelly, Author, The Secret Of The 
                                         Crystal Skull

"The Hand of Karma is an electrifying read that shakes your foundation to the core, not only because of it's truth, but because it "is truth" that another hand sometimes reaches through the veil of physical life to mold what will be.
                                 Darren Dowler - Recording Artist (Paul Revere and the
                                 Raiders), Author
           (The War of Angels - Authorhouse Publishing) and Film Director and Actor, (Rock and Roll the Movie, Christmas In Hollywood, Hancock, The Birth of Rock and Roll)

"A murder/mystery that grips the true ups and downs of suspicion, suspects and the 'white knuckled' emotions that follow with every turn of a page." 
                           R.H. Stoffer, Belgium

OOSA Rated 5 Stars on Goodreads

What Goes Around Comes Around

"Haimes Hensley’s “The Hand of Karma” takes readers to a level of intrigue by visiting the lives of different characters. There is a strained connection of mystical accounts by the main character who is a medium/psychic named Allison and she has a special gift.

The fictional tale exposes the underbelly of the criminally insane genius of two masterminds who are intertwined for a murderous play date.

With the added ingredients of infidelity, romance, plus an investigation, “The Hand of Karma” bakes up an interesting storyline that’s easy to follow. There are many twists and turns and a nice flow. I like how tidy the story ties together with a surprising yet enticing finish."
                                   Reviewed by: KaTina

"I was pleasantly surprised at how easy a read it was and how intriguing the characters were. The idea of pairing psychics with murder detectives seemed interesting and it worked. I enjoyed this book and recommend to those who like crime mysteries."
                            Amanda, Goodreads

"Very engrossing book, hard to put it down. I just kept reading it for two days. I wanted to know what was going to happen next. If you are worried it might be "too graphic" it isn't, well written. I foresee a made for TV movie or movie out of this book."
                            By 'Music Fan' on Amazon